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About Event

Do you have what it takes to be the next big name in video game streaming in Sri Lanka? Announcing an opportunity for you to become the next Next Dell Streamer for the Dell Gaming Academy of Sri Lanka!

If you are a Sri Lankan video game streamer looking to take your performance to the next level, register now for the Next Dell Streamer.

Applicants will be shortlisted based on the following criteria

  • Verbal clarity
  • Presentation
  • Engagement with audience 

Preference will be given towards up and coming streamers.

Shortlisted candidates will be presented to a panel of judges consisting on established local streamers in order to select the top 8

The top 8 selected streamers will go head to head in a knockout-style bracket with the winner chosen through public vote on Dell Gaming Academy group

Format of the event:

105 applications ➔  16 shortlisted for auditions ➔  8 selected for live rounds ➔  1 DELL STREAMER

The applicants were shortlisted based on the following criteria

- Communication (speaking clarity, ingame chat usage)

- Personality & Creativity (engagement with the audience using creative methods)

- Gameplay quality (skill, entertainment level)

- Production quality (overlay, graphics, audio quality)

Applicants with the following conditions were excluded

- Incomplete applications (no sample stream or profile link)

- Streamers currently featuring brand endorsements

- Streamers using mobile devices to stream

- Streamers with limited in-game communication (no voice or webcam)

- Streamers who use abusive or vulgar language

- Streamers who haven't streamed regularly in the last few months

Live round bracket:

- Bracket seeding for the live rounds done based on points assigned by the two judges during auditions - Hashano (T-hik Gaming) & Lihini (Lilee Gaming)

- Bracket link:

Live stream-off schedule:

- Stream-off 1: 24 Jul @ 3:00 pm - Thilankaa "Wishy" Wishwamali vs Janaka "Gaming Master SL" Gunasekara
- Stream-off 2: 24 Jul @ 5:00 pm - Sashi "Ceylon Valorant" Samaratunga vs Sachintha "SachiyaLIVE" Bandara
- Stream-off 3: 24 Jul @ 7:00 pm - Shashi "DARKFLASH" Vinod vs Kavishwara "Craxked" Perera
- Stream-off 4: 24 Jul @ 9:00 pm - Haamidh "Mr President" Uwais vs Prabuddha "FantasyLK" Perera

Semi-final 1: 26 Jul @ 5 pm - Winner of Stream-off 1 vs Winner of Stream-off 2
Semi-final 2: 26 Jul @ 7 pm - Winner of Stream-off 3 vs Winner of Stream-off 4

28 Jul @ 7pm - Winner of Semi-final 1 vs Winner of Semi-final 2

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