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The emerging Gaming Contest Join us For the best! Daredevil Esports in collaboration with RJ media is hosting a 5V5 S&D tournament. The winning prize is 7000 rupees for the winning team and 3000 rupees for the runners up. The entry fee is set at 150 rupees per person and the event will take place on the 10th of July. The quarter finals will include the modes Hardpoint and Domination which will take place in a BO3 manner. 

There will also be a BR room hosted as part of this event. This is a solo-only event and the entrance fee is set at 150 rupees per player. The event will take place on the 24th of July. The prize money will be Rs. 3000 and Rs.1500 for the winner and runner-up respectively.

-    Contact person’s name :  Rasal Jayasinghe / Hesara Senanayake

-    Contact number : 0762900283 / 0765407015

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